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Granite Caesarstone Durability Price Treatment Colour Price

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Granite vs. CaesarStone

We've briefly written about this before however due to further inquiries here is another informative blog on the subject. See blog here for previous write-up and examples. Granite & Caesarstone

When it comes to deciding on your new or kitchen remodeling project.Two popular choices are Granite and CaesarStone  So what are the differences between these two choices?  


CaesarStone is sometimes referred to as engineered stone made up of 90% stone aggregates and the rest is made out resins that bound the materials together. This forms a very strong and durable product. 
Granite is a natural stone, cut from stone deposits around the world.  There are countless varieties of granite.  Granite differ mostly from its origin, colour, density, grain, character and porosity.


Granite is found in endless amounts of differences, colour, variations and unique characteristics that cannot be copied. Each product is as individual as a thumbprint! 
Caesarstone has a few dozen variations and colour. Each individual product varies very little from the next. Slight unique features can be found however it is so small that it's barely noticeable most of the time. Caesarstaone is manufactured in a factory from raw granule sized material whereby granite is cut to size and re-worked from large slabs with machinery to resemble the final product.


Lighter coloured granite is more susceptible to staining than darker colours. A sealant may be applied to prevent any possible staining. Cleaning materials can also have a corrosive affect. Its recommended that granite is only cleaned using warm water and a cloth. Care should be taken cleaning commercial building granite flooring/ In ou experience heavey cleaning liquids are used and thus corrodes the granite slowly. 
Caesarstone is a lot more denser than granite and therefore more resilient to cleaning products. It is basically stain proof. 


Ceasarstone is much more crack or break resistant than Granite. Caesarstone is several times stronger than granite. Granite must be treated carefully while in the production process. Once installed the product is stable. Care must still be taken. Its still a natural stone product than break under heavy strain. However like already mentioned, once installed and properly looked after it can last a lifetime and even longer!


Certain Granite products are very affordable more so than Caesarstone.  Caesarstone is by nature more expensive than Granite. However the more uniqe the Granite selection due to its origin, type etc. the price tag may vary substantially. 

Final Choice

Choose the product that fits your taste and character. Match your product with your home and you cannot go wrong either way. Keep in the mind the purpose and design. Talk to your supplier and make a selection based on price, durability, availability "look" and "feel" ...
For info on making your choice see this blog Matching your Granite with your cupboards.

Happy remodeling!! 

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